Seeed Special Edition

This is a study project where the task was to design a limited edition for a music artist. Seeed is a Berlin based music group, which mainly operates in the genres Reggae and Dancehall. The eleven musicians often deal with the stress and pressure of our society in their lyrics. They say that one can escape from this „labyrinth“ of pressure and stress through individual-initiative, and also with the help of their music – as long as one always keeps moving. At first this process seems black and monotonous, but when you fight through it, it becomes colorful and happy. The special edition plays with layers that are symbolic for the complexity of our life and the music of Seeed. The nearer you get to the vinyls inside the box the more colorful the design gets.

„Forget the Strife - Embrace Life“ is made for people who use the music of Seeed to escape from the stress of everyday life. The box contains 2 records with a protective cover (coated with thermo foil), a banner that also works as a booklet and a t-shirt.

July 2017